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Z Purlins

Z Purlins are perfectly suited to building projects of all shapes and sizes but are extremely effective in larger building projects. With over 25 years of manufacturing high quality roofing materials, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality at a low cost with minimal delays. At Mighty Structural, we aim to provide all of our loyal customers with a complete roofing system at a modest price. To help achieve this, Z Purlins can be a vital asset to keep up with customer demands and provide adequate protection.

What are Z purlins?

Z Purlins are galvanised steel beams, which can be safely and conveniently attached to the roof and wall cladding sheets of any building, representing tremendous versatility and adaptability. Z Purlins help to provide a strong and sturdy complete structural solution, which is ready for the heavy demands of roofing and side cladding. Supporting roof sheets or vertical wall cladding, Z Purlins represent tremendous value for money and versatility for an extensive range of purposes.


The ‘Z-shape’ of the purlins helps to overlap joints and represents greater strength and sturdiness than ‘C-Purlins’. Z Purlins save up to 40% of the steel used and are 25% of the cost, resulting in significant time and space savings to increase efficiency.

Strong and lightweight, our Z Purlins can span upwards of 25 feet depending on the roof load and the spacing of the Z Purlins. Additionally, Z Purlins can be nested together as a splice in roof construction, so the final roof support system appears to be one unbroken purlin, providing efficiency and durability. Offering robustness and flexibility, Z Purlins are a traditional yet effective system of sheet support that are easier to install and handle than traditional timber.


Our Z Purlins are available in a range of thicknesses and are manufactured to the precise requirements of our customers, up to 8m (26.25 feet) in length. We manufacture our Z Purlins to a 175mm x 1.6mm thickness as standard, which can be amended to your requirements to fit into most environments.

Our full range of thicknesses available:

  • 1.2mm
  • 1.3mm
  • 1.4mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 1.6mm
  • 1.8mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.5mm

We can supply Z Purlins un-drilled or with pre-drilled holes at 18mm diameter (smaller hole sizes are available upon request). Each bay spans 6 meters x 12 meters, with the purlins pre-punched 33mm from each end to suit our 6mm weld on cleats. Worried about wear and tear? Protect your Z Purlins with light and effective sleeves to ensure they are fully protected during installation and day-to-day usage.


  • Manufactured to specific lengths (up to 7.5 metres)
  • Constructed from structural-grade galvanized steel
  • Long-lasting and sturdy 1.8mm thick structure
  • Lighter, tougher and lower cost than equivalent timber purlins
  • Independently tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements (loading tables available on demand)


We also supply the full range of accessories including:

  • Eaves beams
  • Side rails
  • Anti-sag bars
  • Anti-sag rods
  • Cleader angles
  • Sleeves
  • Cleats

Roofing Sheet Accessories - Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Different Types Of Flashing?

There are two main types of roof flashing, embedded and exposed. Embedded flashing usually prevents water from leaking through the roof and is usually carried out around windows and are concealed .Exposed flashing is typically made of metal and is exposed to the elements and prevents leaks.

What is Tek Screw?

A tek screw is a self-drilling screw that is driven into a pre drilled hole. They are common and they can be used in metal, wood or plastic. Although it is recommended that a pilot hole is drilled when you are working with hard materials such as metals. These screw work by drilling their holes into the material they are screwed into.

What are Self-tapping Screws for Metal?

They are used as fasteners and are able to drill their own holes in the materials when they are screwed in, by doing this you are able to create well fitted threads. They are used when installing metal roofing sheets are they are able to cut through the metal.

For More Information On Our Extensive Range of Z Purlins, feel free to contact our friendly technical/sales team today via email on roofingsheets@aol.com or call us on 01922 649795.

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